Leonori is a story of family, passion, craftsmanship and love for color.


Born in Parma in 1930, Agostino, the founder of the maison, has had a passion for the goldsmith’s art ever since his childhood. His study at the goldsmith school of Valenza at first and his experience in companies related to this sector later led him to open his first workshop in 1962 in the city center of Forlì. With the love for precious colored stones handed down from generation to generation, it is Agostino’s son, Cesare, who continued to drive forward the family business on his journeys to discover extraordinary gemstones: importing diamonds from Tel Aviv, emeralds from Colombia, rubies from Myanmar and sapphires form Sri Lanka, the workshop which exists in today’s Leonori has developed. Leonori is indeed best known for its jewelry making with diamonds and precious colored stones. Constantly striving for excellence are all values passed down from father to son.


The evolution of the style of Leonori tells the brand history, characterized by unknown stories, memories from the family photo album, and above all by fabulous jewels that reveal our origins. Our two business locations – the roots in Forlì in the Emilia-Romagna region and the exhibition center in Ascoli Piceno – complement one another along the path outlining the inspiration, the creative processes and the always future-oriented vision of a family that in just three generations has transformed a goldsmith’s workshop in a brand of high jewelry.
Today our main focus is on the innovation of materials, shapes and colors that Leonori will aim to introduce in the universe of jewelry, and also on the flawless craftsmanship which, yesterday and today, our brand devotes to every single creation. Eleonora, daughter of Cesare, is the art director since 2020. With boldness and imagination, she presented the new collection Anime which features a unique and immediately recognizable, signature style of Leonori.