Our Philosophy

The Maison Leonori is one of the few that can proudly witness its Italian roots since its origins. The attention to detail symbolizes the spirit, style and elegance of Leonori, able to translate commitment and passion into love for his work.

Pure Art
Italian artistic history has always been synonymous with the skill, professionalism and creativity of its countless artists who over the years have made Italy the cradle of past, contemporary and future art. For craftsmen Leonori is the artistic side to prevail in the creative phase, thus transforming each jewel in a real piece of art to wear

The Love for Colors
For almost sixty years Leonori has been selecting precious and colored stones for each creation. The choice of gems, such as sapphires, rubies and natural emeralds is the result of a real creative attitude. The gems we use for our jewelry are all different from each other, and for this precious and unique for their purity and quality.

Savoir Faire
Each Leonori jewel is entirely handmade in Italy by three families of goldsmiths who, as in the past, perform what are today rare techniques, taking days to create jewelry of the highest quality. Leonori preserves the values and heritage of Italian craftsmanship through the hard work of professionals who have spent their lives specializing in the goldsmith sector in a rigorous and careful way in every detail. The result is a genuine product that reflects excellence through passion and authenticity.

For Leonori it is a matter of individuality, jewels are objects that make us unique and we want to define the style with our unmistakable stylistic mark.
Each Leonori jewel hides details that make it unique just like the wearer.

We have embarked on a path aimed at making Leonori a company that respects the highest standards of sustainability, thanks to the "Butterfly Mark" certification of Positive Luxury we can guarantee the sustainability of our jewelry and the entire production chain.