The evolution of the style of Leonori tells the brand history, characterized by unknown stories, memories from the family photo album and above all by unique jewels that highlight the roots of an old family of jewelers from Italy.

When beauty matches boldness to create something unique which will last over time, a Leonori jewelry piece comes to life.

After a long and careful restoration project, in 2024 Leonori will inaugurate its new showroom inside the former Episcopal Seminary of Ascoli Piceno. Adjacent to the city’s cathedral, this historic place – a prestigious complex dating back to the 15th century whose construction was approved and granted to the Bishop Camaiani, by Pope Pius V – belonged to the curia until the mid-1900s, and today it revives as a center of style and craftsmanship combining the sacredness of the ancient church with the artistic sensibility of the Maison.

The restoration of the building in full respect the original architecture symbolizes the rebirth itself, the new path taken by Leonori through an invaluable space where the mystical atmosphere of the past meets the creative dimension of the future

The facades in travertine marble, the coats of arms made by Lazzaro Morelli, the chapel of the seminary and all the elements inherited from the late Renaissance style have been preserved and brought to life, with a humanistic approach that draws the first and most important inspiration of beauty and savoir-faire from protecting and promoting the artistic heritage of Italy.