The latest from Leonori

 POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 - ASSE 8 - OS 21 - AZIONE 21.1 - INTERVENTO
21.1.1 - Call for Aid to Support Productive Investments for the Release of Economic Growth and Competitiveness in the Areas Affected by the Earthquake

Project Description

Leonori intends to create a new business division entirely dedicated to the design and 3D design/prototyping of jewellery, to serve the sector's operators and customers. This new Design & Prototypes (D&P) division will be located in a new unit.


A) To equip itself with excellent human resources
B) To equip itself with excellent instrumental resources
C) To develop effective and innovative sales channels


Increased recognition and appreciation of the Leonori brand in Asian markets with an increase in sales and number of customers.
The company increased its production at the Ascoli Piceno site with an increase in employment, and 3D management software was also purchased.